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Bendecido por esta uportunidad de estar con nuestro amigos y amigas del Show Mañana Latina

Introducing my latest release, now available on all digital platforms! Stream or download it today and enjoy the. Don't forget to share it with your and spread the word Thank you for your support!


This upbeat and catchy track is sure to get you dancing. With its infectious melody and powerful lyrics, it's the perfect addition to any playlist. Don't miss out on this must-listen hit!


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Hazel is an artist specialized in different genres of music such as Reggaeton, Trap, Hiphop and Rap. Over the years, Hazel has adapted globally recognized rhythms. Now you can listen to their music and watch their videos. Don't miss it!Your artistic background and experienceMy artistic journey has been a vibrant exploration through various genres, each step a crucial part of finding my distinct sound. It wasn't an immediate revelation but rather a journey of discovery and growth.I began by immersing myself in Underground music,

drawn to its raw energy and freedom of expression. The gritty authenticity appealed to me, but I knew there was more to explore.Venturing into Hip-hop, I found myself captivated by its rhythmic beats and lyrical storytelling. It was a genre where I could experiment with different flows and perspectives, honing my craft while delving deeper into the art of lyrical composition.Transitioning to Trap music was another pivotal moment.

The heavy basslines and intricate soundscapes allowed me to push boundaries creatively, exploring new sonic territories and refining my production skills. Each genre brought its own challenges and rewards, shaping my understanding of music and paving the way for what was to come.Finally, I found my current passion in Reggaeton Urban music. The infectious rhythms and vibrant melodies resonated deeply with me, blending elements of Latin rhythms with contemporary urban sounds. 

Here, I feel a sense of homecoming—a genre where I can fuse my influences and experiences into a unique musical identity.Throughout this journey, one constant has been my commitment to learning and growth.Every genre I explored taught me valuable lessons about composition, production, and the art of performance. I've come to appreciate the importance of embracing the creative process, finding joy in every moment of creation, whether in the studio crafting beats or performing live on stage.Today, I continue to evolve as an artist, blending my diverse influences and experiences into my music. Each day presents new opportunities to innovate and refine my sound, and I am grateful for the journey that has brought me to where I am today—a place of creative fulfillment and musical authenticity.Notable projects or collaborationsFatell - Amen Ft Hazel / Resilient AlbumDonald Robertson Hazel Fatell / Kaboom Album

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